What is ApplyConnect®?

As a safe and hassle-free tenant screening solution, ApplyConnect® enables landlords and real estate agents to view their renter’s complete tenant screening report in minutes. With no start-up or screening costs, take advantage of the free features and property management tools ApplyConnect® has to offer.

Experian® Credit Report & Background Check

A full Experian® credit report with VantageScoreTM credit score, nationwide criminal and eviction history check, and sex offender registry search.

Your ApplyConnect® report includes
  • Full Experian® Credit Report with tradeline payment and collection history, summary financial snapshot tax liens, and bankruptcies.
  • VantageScore is a credit scoring model developed by the 3 major credit bureaus, which scores over 30 million more consumers than FICO. Credit scores range from 300 – 850, with higher scores indicating the renter is a low risk.
  • Nationwide Eviction History with over 36 million FCRA compliant records.
  • Nationwide Criminal Background Check with over 790 million offenses, using databases covering local courts from all 50 states, jails and prisons, and wants and warrants.
  • Sex Offender Registry Search.

Free Online Rental Application & Other Tools

Take advantage of our free online rental application, online rent payments and other free property management tools for landlords and real estate agents.

ApplyConnect®’s FREE online rental application has the fundamental elements of a standard rental application, but includes:
  • E-signature and FCRA disclosures
  • Auto-populated renter and landlord data
  • Space for the renter to explain other factors such as pet breeds
  • Text & email notifications when it's ready
  • Can be completed within minutes, online on desktop, mobile and tablet

Fill vacancies faster and manage your rentals more easily using ApplyConnect®'s suite of tools, available with your account:
  • SMS text notifications when reports are shared with you
  • Online rent payments through our partnership with PayRent
  • Customizable advertising property links, shareable most places online
  • Free resources including state notices, and approval, denial and conditional notifications following your decision.

Fast Reliable Results

No contracts, setup fees, or onsite inspections – our free service for landlords and agents.

  • Creating an account only takes a few minutes and is completely free. Each rental applicant is responsible for the cost of their report - $29.95.
  • Data Security is a top priority with every ApplyConnect® report. Consumers are protected with social security number masking, while identity verification measures give you peace of mind that all parties have been properly authenticated.
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How Does it Work?

Sharing a tenant screening report through ApplyConnect® is easy! Once your account is created you can request a report, or choose to share your own within moments. Click Here if you are a Renter!

Create your account for FREE

The registration takes only a few minutes, and consists of basic information and an identity verification, all performed by Experian® for your security. This is how the credit bureau allows renters to connect and share their report in an easy and verified way. While registering, you can sign up for other free tools like online rental applications and text notifications. Click Here to Register!

An email invitation is sent to your potential renter

All you have to do is go to your account and request a tenant background check and credit report through ApplyConnect®’s email invitation service. You can also send your applicants to your property’s custom ApplyConnect® link, a great tool to advertise your listing.

The Applicant registers and shares their tenant screening report with you

After the applicant completes, views, and pays $29.95 for their report, you will receive an email and text notifying that their tenant background report is available for you to view online.
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